Daring Door Hues: Crafting a Memorable Home Entrance in 2024

In 2024, dare to make a lasting impression with a unique and vibrant home entrance. This blog post explores the trend of bold and daring door hues, along with strategies for crafting a memorable entrance that reflects your personal style. From the popular door colors of the year like cobalt blue and sunny yellow to innovative entrance designs, learn how to harmonize various elements for a perfect balance between boldness and elegance. It also highlights the rise of technology in home entrances with smart locks and doorbell cameras. Whether you choose a fiery red or a deep violet door, remember that your entrance is a reflection of you – and don’t be afraid to make it unforgettable.

Beyond Traditional: Unveiling Epoxy Floor Designs for Every Home Corner

In the ever-evolving world of home and workspace design, epoxy flooring has emerged as a trend capturing the attention of homeowners and designers alike. This post delves into the versatile and durable nature of epoxy flooring, highlighting its functionality and unique aesthetic appeal. The article covers the process of creating epoxy flooring, the wide array of design possibilities it offers, and its benefits compared to traditional flooring options. It also discusses how epoxy flooring can be adapted for every room in the home, and how it addresses common home issues such as high-traffic areas and easy cleaning. As epoxy flooring continues to gain popularity, the post also explores the innovative solutions that are redefining design boundaries. Lastly, the post offers advice to those considering making the switch to epoxy flooring.

Have you seen this room?

Do any of your rooms need a color makeover? Maybe the colours are a little out dated, or a kids room with a bright color? Let’s Get Rolling!

What To Do With Outdated Yellow Oak

Do you know a homeowner that is in need of a Botox injection for those outdated yellow oak cupboards? We will come in and meet with the referral and define what their dreams are for this paint upgrade. We will then help plan an upgrade that fits their budget, this could be one of iPaint […]

De-Oak Your Home

At iPaint by Vic we specialize in interior and exterior colour revival. I am looking to connect with homeowners that are tired and bored with the outdated colour of their homes. Do you ever wonder what is behind those closed doors when visiting family/friends’ homes? You may be surprised, it’s not always a bad housekeeping […]

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Is your floor damaged or cracked? Looking for a durable, protective, and easy-to-maintain flooring option? Epoxy flooring is an excellent option for garages, kitchens, lobbies, warehouses, hospitals, and other commercial spaces. It provides a smooth, durable, and protective layer to your floor and leaves a beautiful shine. Epoxy coating can be applied to new, old, […]

Transform Your Home with a Fresh Coat of Paint

It can be surprising what a fresh coat of paint can do for a home. A new coat of paint, a new theme, a new colour can bring character and life back to any living space. Over time paint on walls, cabinets, baseboards, etc. can become dull, scratched, scuffed and nicked. This type of damage […]

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