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We are willing to return for minor touch ups (caused by other contractors in the home after the home is painted).
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iPaint By Vic Painting Packages

All painting projects are slightly unique, and so are our pacakges. Each package is tailor made to fit your projects spcific needs. These are the guidelines for each package and the final package will be determined upon size and condition of the rooms.

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Painting Packages


  • Protect Flooring and furniture
  • Wash walls/baseboards/doors + trim
  • Repair ALL drywall damage/imperfections to walls/baseboards/doors + trim
  • Fill/Sand out ALL imperfections (repairs)
  • Clean Up (Sweep/vacuum + dispose of waste and recycle)
  • Paint (double coat coverage with Premium paint)
  • Primer over areas of concern (repairs)
  • Mask Off areas of concern


Includes Executive Package +
  • Repair Imperfections in Ceilings
  • Single Coat Primer on Ceilings/Walls/Base/Doors + Trim
  • Paint 2 coats of Premium Paint on ceilings/walls/baseboards/Doors + Trim
  • Clean Up Sweep + Vacuum. Dispose of waste and recycle


Same Color Only
  • Protect flooring and furniture
  • Minor repairs to wall
  • Wipe, mask, protect baseboards + trim
  • Single Coat paint on walls only


  • Updating your kitchen/washroom and do not know what to do with the cabinetry?
  • Let us guide you through your cabinet paint/stain upgrade
  • Remove ALL hardware
  • Wash out ALL doors, drawers, and uprights
  • Remove ALL doors + Drawer fronts from cabinets and drawers
  • Sand out and fill damaged areas on doors, drawers, and uprights
  • Sand out areas of repairs
  • Primer complete face of doors, drawers, and uprights (including uprights beside oven and fridge)
  • Double Coat coverage (Premium urethane coating)


Stain Package
  • Ipaint by Vic offers a wide variety of services to complete your exterior painting/staining needs. We offer painting/staining of fences, decks, gazebo’s house/garage siding (stucco surfaces included), front entry pint/stain upgrades.
  • Curb Appeal – get your home noticed
  • Front Entry Door (Feature color paint/stain) Matching Overhead Garage Door + Trim


  • Protect flooring and furniture (drop sheets on floors, protective plastic over furniture)
  • Repair minor drywall damage to walls
  • Mask Off areas of concern
  • Primer over areas of repair prior to painting
  • Paint Double coat coverage on walls
  • Clean Up work area + dispose of waste/recycle

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