De-Oak Your Home

At iPaint by Vic we specialize in interior and exterior colour revival.

I am looking to connect with homeowners that are tired and bored with the outdated colour of their homes.

Do you ever wonder what is behind those closed doors when visiting family/friends’ homes? You may be surprised, it’s not always a bad housekeeping issue. It could be the dreaded yellow oak fireplace/wall unit that covers the entire wall.

Have you seen this room? Could it be in your neighbour’s house, your favorite Uncles house or maybe you even have one of these oak wall units in your own home.

Do you and your family a favour, tell them to call Vic at iPaint by Vic. We will arrange a meeting to discuss your dreams and options. We will come back in and upgrade your room to a new look that is modern and fresh. Just remember at iPaint by Vic we will bring you and your project from the past into the now.

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